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Welcome to The Gemini Chronicles family. Frequently I will journal some of my thoughts, along with posts of art and writings about the Gemini Experience. You are all encouraged to add any comments, thoughts, poetry or art about your zodiac sign, Just remember, as always on Q2, KEEP IT POSITIVE! CARPE DIEM!

The Gem in I

Let the world admire these crusty diamonds, effortlessly gleaming and shining heavenly bright.

Such magnificent, burning comets daring to burn hot enough to illuminate the darkest nights.

We are ambassadors to the spiritual realm; true scholars of matters of the human soul.

I am the yin to my own yang; I can at once be hypersensitive and numbingly ice-cold.

I’ve been called ingenious, outstanding, unorthodox, and eccentric . . . to all of these I can attest.

While at times I feel the pain of Plain Jane, to call me average sets a fire swelling in my chest.

In my mind, this abstract world is perfect; she’s just stubborn and much too angry to see.

So God sent us to bring love and understanding, even if we must illuminate your pain and grief.

The wise say that it is both a blessing and a curse to be so well versed, but a little ahead of your time.

Try to imagine what it is like to be born with unnatural sight in a world where everyone would rather be blind.

This place where you can speak your premonitions, entertain, and condition, but casual conversation proves an evasive foe.

In my daily thoughts, I traverse the metaphysical, spiritual and mental to sit and listen to my Father’s quotes.

To explicitly exploit the greatness within is my drive; the very passion for which I take in each breath.

If I don’t succeed, then how dare you mock me when my great Father has finally called me home to rest?

What you feel, I feel ten-fold: where you feel a drizzle, I am caught up in a mighty storm!

We represent this world’s duality, individually packaged in a frail, carbon-based, three-dimensional form.

Our love doesn’t totter or saunter, but runs full sprint and headlong toward the waiting object of its desire.

We learn to quell our lust and choose carefully because once ignited, it is not so easy to extinguish such fire.

If you gaze deep into a Gemini’s eyes, you will see a twinkle, as if there were other eyes just beyond those eyes.

That’s what I have come to call The Gem in I, which I know now is merely The Him in I!


Timothy W. Strange

Author's Notes/Comments:

To my Gemini all over the planet! Know that I feel your passion so deeply that it burns inside me, alongside my own!


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Some of that is a little painful to agree with but Geminis, of which I am, know it's all true. Really good read.


Timothy Strange
Timothy Strange
21 de nov. de 2022


...Love it King! 👑

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