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Welcome to The Gemini Chronicles family. Frequently I will journal some of my thoughts, along with posts of art and writings about the Gemini Experience. You are all encouraged to add any comments, thoughts, poetry or art about your zodiac sign, Just remember, as always on Q2, KEEP IT POSITIVE! CARPE DIEM!

I’ve always found myself spending massive amounts of precious time inside my own head. This has been true as far back as I can remember . . . reflecting, calculating, pondering and measuring the probable distance to the next goal. So far into myself I drift, that I have to consciously invoke my subconscious to retrieve myself out of myself. Back outside and into reality a new set of impenetrable rules apply; Physics! The bound version of me compiles and acts upon the transferred data as I align my moral compass and proceed within these worldly limits. Instances arise where my trajectory is foolishly challenged by some measure of perceived threat. Sporadically, this perception is enough to summon the submerged twin from deep within the recesses of my mind. The internal twin immediately supersedes the external twin, yet being from a subconscious world, he is not privy to the boundaries of this reality. Only the balancing forces of reason and understanding can cause him to subside from his unforeseen takeover of the external twin.

Big Whiz

Gemini Chronicles



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