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Poetry Video Series

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Poetically Yours – Video Series

Hello Q2 family! We hope that today finds you well and in the best of spirits. The year 2020 has been a major test of our mental, physical and spiritual resolves. Now that 2021 is finally here, we are again tested by Mother Nature . . . this time with extreme and unfamiliar weather conditions. We here at Q2 would like to extend prayers and condolences to those caught in the tragic 130 vehicle pileup on I-35 in Fort Worth, Texas and their families. During these times of high stress and frustration, we must partake in every opportunity for healing and therapy. For this reason we will always encourage reading whenever possible. Reading not only educates and entertains us, but is also one of the most cost-effective means of therapy. The pandemic quarantine measures have dramatically increased isolation, anxiety and depression around the globe. Reading is an excellent way to occupy downtime and focus our minds on something besides our current situations. Indeed it provides a needed escape.

While we always encourage reading, we remain aware that some lives are so cluttered and overwhelmed that reading is a virtual impossibility. We feel your pain! So in this short blog post we are introducing the start of a new option until reading is again a viable option. We now present the first two videos in the series “Poetically Yours” from the book of the same title by author Whiz. These gems are audio-video versions of selected poems. While this project is intended to provide an alternative to the busy literature lover, it is not intended to provide a permanent substitute. After all, many people died in order that we have the option. After each YouTube video will be the written version of each poem. We hope that you enjoy the videos and please don’t forget to like and subscribe . . . please and thanks! Much more to come.

The Arms of Conviction

Hold me close and never falter, for the storm outside is strong. The chaos and confusion can shake a heart or even break a home. So where shall I search for peace and shelter from the wind? Your strength could ease my weakness and quiet the demons within. But will you be my steady shield if I promise to do the same? Be my Gibraltar in a crumbling world and never take my love in vain. My pitiful descents are lessons that the world never lets me forget. But if this world were yet correct, I would land upon a net. And the tears I cry would glaze my wings and give me deeper sight. For I would be as an angel soaring ever upward unto new heights. Oh but alas, reality is no kinder companion than an annoying fly. It serves no purpose but to frustrate and hinder constantly as time goes by. Welcome or unwelcome...a companion it is to be. So be yea steadfast and filled with faith in this storm of reality. Make no mistake for the repercussions can span astounding depths. For society has been redefined while forgiveness slumbered and slept. Such debris could darken thy path and make one lose sight of his goals. Tell me, how strong are thy arms...thy conscience...thy soul!

08-12-94 Whiz

My Shelter

The rain came down in screaming sheets as thick as lead.

I was pelted and pushed hard by the wind...yet stumbled ahead.

The air was bone-chilling and tainted with the odor of pain.

Lightning momentarily lit the sky before I was again blinded by rain.

Thunder crashed overhead providing theatrical effect for my agony.

I stomped wearily through the sludge, my own conscience nagging me.

Exhausted, confused and frustrated, I felt no hope was near.

I fell to my knees and wept as the rain mocked my tears.

I lowered my head to my reflection in a puddle on the ground.

It was then that I noticed the rain had stopped coming down.

Looking up, I saw the most beautiful face I had ever seen.

Her smile was magnificent and could only belong to a queen.

She helped me to my feet, kissed my cheek and held me in her arms.

Her strength comforted my soul until all of my fears were gone.

The rain had stopped and suddenly I was happy, dry and warm.

She was there when others were not and had brought me through the storm!

She was my most precious friend and I loved her as such.

But in time the comfort of being dry would prove to be too much.

I somehow took her for granted and lost sight of my one true friend.

She released her embrace, walked away and the rain came once again.

I spent a million lifetimes every day, recounting my mistakes.

If I never saw her again I would wait for her at heaven's gate.

Then when I had again given up hope, God had given me fate.

I turned around and there she was with the rain shinning on her face!


Timothy W. Strange B.I.E.

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Good article and good video you got. I suggest you don't stop at just youtube and this site. You can use this converter to translate video format. I use it to convert from MV4 to MP4.


Big Whiz
Big Whiz
May 26, 2021

UPDATE: Q2 family, here is a quick link to my entire poetry video playlist. Any future videos will be added to this playlist? It's always easier and encouraged to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you get updated every time a new video is posted. That's it...let me know what you guys think of the videos or what you want to see in future videos. POWER UP 💪🏾


UPDATE: here is the link to the latest video in this series, "This Mountain"

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