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Black Ink Studios Foodies Channel

Hello Q2 family. I pray that each of you is finding peace and promoting life in this death-obsessed world . I commend your light! It seems now that everywhere I go on social media, I feel extremely overwhelmed by negative energy. Death, murder, scamming, mass shootings, war, trafficking, drug abuse and all manner of destruction are in full display. What we reap we will sew . . . And it's sewing time. Instead of indulging, I decided to combat this onslaught by introducing poetry and one of my favorite past times; cooking to the list. At least this gives viewers a more positive watching alternative. I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE and hit the NOTIFICATION BELL if these efforts are appreciated. I welcome new ideas for the channel and appreciate all positive input and constructive criticism. WE MUST BEGIN TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE! PEACE AND BLESSING TO THE WHOLE Q2 FAMILY ALL OVER THE WORLD. POWER UP HUMANITY!!!



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